Tuesday, 2 May 2017

2-40 days to go

Air! That was the main thing today. Air! Or lack thereof really. For the first time since last September I took out my bike and oh my GSD! it was hard. Unlike the tires which weren't hard at all and lacked a severe amount of air. 

That lack showed itself quite soon, as I was trying to get my chocolate filled body up a hill. I was soon gasping and gasping. I did manage to get to the training center though, because we were going spinning. 

Which (for the uninitiated amongst you) means a stationary bike and then cycle on it. No distance or calories shown, nothing fancy. Just cycle until you drop of. It was to be an hour's lesson, but after only half an hour, I was done. After all, I had that hill climb in my legs already. 

Fortunately I didn't have to cycle home, one of my colleagues had a big van and drove both me and the bike back. I will get the tires filled tomorrow I think and then I can go out and do some proper training again. Although I do think this was quite a proper hard training as well. Just saying...


  1. Hari OM
    yeeech, ploppy tyres make it like cycling through mud. Better luck tomorrow! YAM xx

  2. Not every day goes as planned does it? Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  3. Oh, my. Hubby has a bicycle pump by our front door for his tires. It is a lovely accent to our little place.