Monday, 8 May 2017

2-34 days to go

After a weekend of snacking, apple pie, cakes, fries and other not so good food, I was out today again to run. My friend had found a perfect spot to do just that: between two bridges. Basically the goal was to run from one bridge to the other (about 600 meters) and then walk back. 

I didn't manage it. Basically it was a bridge too far. What I did do however, was trying to run further at each try (which I managed) and then instead of walking back, running back again to whatever point was possible and walk the rest of the way. Again, trying to run further at each try. 

According to my friend my breathing is becoming better, so that is something. There are only a few days left to the first trial of the year: the five kilometer run I did in just over an hour last year. I do hope I will do better this year.

As for the triathlon, I am seriously wondering about that. Last year's triathlon was in August, giving me plenty of summer (read nice weather) to train, both on my feet, on my wheels and in the wet. This year's is in just under five weeks from now and the outside water is still too cold to swim in. I've only just started the walking/running bit and as for the cycling....

But, we'll see. 


  1. It is impressive to me that you would even try and take on a tri!

  2. Hari OM
    keep at Mara, it's the training that will be making the difference. The races are just the cherries on the cake. Walk-run-walk is what we call 'scouts pace' (used to do it in the girl guides) and it is a great way to build up stamina. YAM xx

  3. Het mooie van deze triatlon is: het HOEFT niet. Het mág. ;-)

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