Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2-33 days to go

Being Dutch I am used to riding a bike. But since moving to Norway I have not ridden a bike that often. At first because I didn't have one and once I had one (very old), I hardly rode it because of the terrain. Humpy, bumpy, hilly. And always that wind! 

For last year's triathlon I got a bike. But it's not like any of the bikes I grew up with. For starters, I have to lean forward. Which wouldn't be a problem with a normal chest and belly, but with a chest like mine (we're nearing the halfway point in the alphabet) and a belly like mine, it's a bit harder. Even with the strap-them-in torture devices used!

Tonight I had a spinning class and basically I have the same problem. The handlebars are too far away from my bum, meaning I have to lean over. That also means that because of the leaning, I tense my shoulders. Tense shoulders equals tense neck equals guess what! I stopped before it became an issue (I felt it coming). 

During the spinning we are also supposed to stand up on our pedals. Yeah, as if that is going to happen. I loose all control that way and am afraid I will fall off. So, I stayed seated the whole time, just upping the resistance when the others were doing their bit for King and country. So to say. 

I did manage about 40-45 minutes today, after which I got off the bike and started moving to the music. Swinging my arms, stretching my shoulders, doing whatever. I am pleased with the work I did. Even if it wasn't as much as all the others did. 


  1. Hari OM
    Yeah, those bazookas are the bane of our existence, eh? Still and all, I am reminded of one my ex-clients who was top in Tris in NSW... "the race is never with anyone else, it's only with myself..." YAM xx

  2. Klinkt als een goede training!

  3. Those bazookas may be part of your neck and back and the H problems. Good for you and your determination!