Monday, 24 April 2017

2. 48 days to go

It was windy, it was cold, but I did go outside tonight to do my first training in a long time. A running training, although not a lot of actual running was done. Mostly it was walking and speed walking, but I did do some running. Over the next few weeks I will have to keep that up and progress, but I am happy with tonight. 

After all, I have to start somewhere don't I?


  1. Hari Om
    You have started, now to keep going! I admire you deeply for doing this Mara; my sister "Mac1" yesterday ran only her second 10k and then drove over to visit me for my birthday (Wednesday, but early was good!) and I can't believe that she only started running a year ago and it was really a walk at snail's pace. A little, regularly and she is taking on the world. You can too. YES YOU CAN!!! wwoohhhoooo....
    YAM xx

    1. ..forgot to mention we have been getting sleet and snow today... yeeecchh....