Tuesday, 24 January 2017

2: 137 days to go

After a very wet walking training that was interminably long and a lovely sunny walking training that was quite short, last night I went for another wet training. This time by choice though. Because I had my first swimming training.

During last year's triathlon, I swam breast stroke. I am not fast at the best of times and breast stroke is the slowest of all the swimming strokes, so it took some time to complete the two laps. One of my aims this year is to be faster on the swimming and one way of doing that is learning the crawl: the fastest of the swimming strokes.

Last night was my first training. First a bit of warm-up by swimming several laps. Then some breathing and floating exercises. And finally trying to do some sort of crawl. I think I did fine. The crawling bit was somewhat there, but I still breathe as I would when doing the breast stroke, ie, head up facing forward, so that needs to be changed. Of course I need more technique, better breathing, faster swimming, better endurance, but the beginning is there!

My main question of the evening though: why oh why was the swimming pool filled with salty water? Yergh!

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  1. Well, aren't you doing great. Now I need to get up and get my steps in for the day!