Tuesday, 2 August 2016

25 days to go

Another swimming training today. I can do the whole distance now, it is just a case of how many stops I need while doing the distance. The first time there were too many to mention (although I did try). Last week I needed a fair few as well. So, what about today?

On my first lap I stopped twice, on the first buoy and on the second one. I then took a little break at the finish, before setting off for lap 2. I swam straight past the first buoy and only stopped halfway between the first and second. No more stops were required. 

My partner in crime is much faster than I am, but I managed to sort of keep up with him, so pretty pleased with myself. The other bit I was pleased about was that it didn't rain during our swim. Nothing as bad as getting out of your wet swim clothes and into your wet normal clothes. Eek. 

Partner in crime's brother was there as well today. And he asked me what I was most scared of. When I first started this training thing, I said the swimming. But that has changed. Now it's the cycling. It's quite a hard course (for me anyway) on a normal day. Doing it straight after the swim might prove to be brutal. I am not too worried about the running. I can just walk, fast or not and get across the finish line in the end. He did think though that my aim of under three hours was very achievable. 


  1. Ik zet nu in op: twee uur en tien minuten. Jawel. :-)

  2. Hari OM
    ... well that's encouraging! Brava brava Mara... YAM xx