Wednesday, 3 August 2016

24 days to go

The days are moving so fast now! Only 24 left before the big day! Anyhoo...

Today was not really meant to be a training day, but a five kilometer fast walk with my friend was something I ended up doing. There was a moment where I thought I would cancel due to the rain, but in the end we braved it and it turned out to be okay. A bit of rain, but nothing we couldn't handle. Besides that, we would come home to a meal waiting (although it needed warming up).

So, Gizmo is almost happy. Almost, since I forgot to put it on this morning and therefor it only knows what I did this afternoon. Which is only 75% of what I should have done. Better luck tomorrow. Because every single step counts towards reaching the Excellent! Right now I am only on: not quite there yet. 


  1. Hari Om
    Not quite there yet is still promising as there is the hint that 'there' is getting closer!!! YAM xx

  2. Not quite there yet!!!!!!!!! What would Gizmo know??????

  3. So sorry you forgot gizmo. Wish they would bark at us so we could remember to put them on before we leave.... Every step counts.