Friday, 12 August 2016

15 days to go

After more than a week of lazying about, doing nothing much and generally watching more than doing sports, today was the day I was going back to work. A swim training.

Now, the summer we have had so far, has been with quite high temperatures, but with a lot of rain. This past week though, the temperatures plummeted. Single figures at night and during the day in the low teens. Which meant that the open water we swim in, has not been warmed up by the sun. At All!

I knew that of course, but I came prepared. Neoprene socks and a neoprene hat together with my usual outfit and I was good to go! Absolutely fine! Apart from my hands and face of course, which were not covered and freezing. After a bit though, even they warmed up (or I didn't feel them anymore of course). 

I am glad to say that even though I had had a week's slacking off, it didn't show in the swimming. Even though I only did one lap (my partner in crime had some problems and decided to sit it out. In the rain), I only had one stop and was not out of breath at all. Two laps might have been possible, but the warm shower beckoned as well. 

The plan is to walk tomorrow and then another cycle training on Sunday. The weather is promising to be better from tomorrow onward and even going up to summer temperatures again. 


  1. Sometimes our bodies just need a little rest in order to 'heal a bit'. Glad you were able to get back to it. You are still inspiring me to get in better shape. Go, Mara!

  2. Hari OM
    All that Olympic inspiration will have charged the battery of determination a tad as well... it is absolutely miserable weather here the past three days - but there was a whisper of 'warmth' coming next week. We'll see... Keep it pal!!! YAM xx

  3. Crikey Mara ....... it's awful close now, aye?? Hope it warms up a bit for you. Mum thinks you're amazing to swim in those freezing temperatures.