Tuesday, 19 July 2016

39 days to go

Well, I did it! I actually did it!! I swam 750 meters!! I had made a deal with my colleague: I would do two laps and then he would do three. 

It didn't start too promising. The water was colder than last week it seemed and my first stretch was not that good; I needed a couple of breaks. The second stretch was a lot better and I managed to get around in about 17 minutes, including breaks. I took a bigger break while sitting down, trying to catch my breath back and trying to find the motivation for a second lap. And off I went...

The second lap was actually easier. My strokes were even, my breathing was good. I didn't notice the cold anymore, I needed fewer breaks and when I had finished the lap, I had done it in a bit over 15 minutes! My colleague (as per the deal) had done three laps and he was very pleased with that as well.

I have done some mental rithemetick and calculated that I would need about 45 minutes on the swimming (including breaks and changing into the cycle gear), an hour and a quarter for the cycling and an hour for the walking. Totaling three hours! So, that will be my goal for the triathlon. Well, one of them anyway. 

Goal 1: complete the thing
Goal 2: under three hours
Goal 3: and enjoy myself


  1. Crikey Mara ... You got it all Sussed aye? You'll do it too. I know you will. Good for you!!!

  2. Hari OM
    Brava brava!!!.... you know what though? I'd be putting #3 as #1 as it might help the other two! YAM xx