Sunday, 17 July 2016

41 days to go

Forty-one days! That means that in six weeks time I am in the middle of my triathlon!! Scary, yet exciting at the same time. 

I have done the 5 km run part before, fast walking and that was it. I don't expect it to be different during the triathlon. The swimming and cycling however was another matter. So, today my colleague and I made our way to the area where we will be cycling and with my brand new gizmo (a belated birthday gift to myself), I knew exactly how many kilometers I cycled and thanks to the gps, even where and how high we were. 

Well, I am glad to say, I did it. Yes, it took me some time. And yes, it was hard going uphill. And yes, my average cycling speed is just under 17 km per hour. And no, when my colleague thought it might be better to cycle back because there was rain coming, I said no. We have only done three of the four laps. A bit of rain won't hurt us. But, I did it and have now done the full cycling bit as well. Need to do it a few more times, but I am pleased. 

I never thought I would be doing this three months ago. And only two months ago I didn't think I would get up to this point. But thanks to all those colleagues who come swimming and cycling and walking with me, I think I will be alright. 

I did a little over 20 km in total. Highest speed around 33 km an hour, highest top(!) around 36 meter above sea level. It took us an hour and a quarter. 


  1. Hari OM
    This is fabulous Mara... as you say, today we say 'no', tomorrow we go! YAM xx

  2. Crikey Mara ... I'm so proud of you I might just BURST!!!!!! Well done!