Wednesday, 20 July 2016

38 days to go

As if I hadn't done enough lately, I felt that today I had to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather (first time since June 15th in fact, they said so on the radio), so I called a friend and off we went! 

First I cycled home, then I cycled to my friend and then we cycled (and walked) to our starting point for the hike. We hiked to the mountain (okay, hill, but it was still steep and difficult) and then back to our bikes. 

According to the gizmo I have? I cycled about 15 km today (including to and from work) and I walked about 3,5 km. And it congratulated me on a job well done: I had reached today's target! I like gizmos like that!!


  1. Hari OM
    I'm with the gizmo... YAM &*> xx

  2. Crikey I need one of those gizmos. Do they tell you how fast you run?????? Charlie!!

  3. Gizmos are helpful in encouraging us.