Friday, 22 July 2016

36 days to go

The last time I actually did a 'run' of five kilometers, I did it in 51 minutes and 50 seconds. Which was over ten minutes better than my first try. Since then I have climbed mountains, swam lakes and cycled. But I had never actually done another 5 km. 

Which I really needed to do! So, today was my first 'jogging' session. I had asked a colleague who is really quite good to come and help out; give me some pointers and such. My partner in crime was coming as well and together we made our way to the local training area and started. I walked, then I jogged, then I walked again and jogged again and so forth. 

At first it was 100 meters fast walking and 100 meters jogging, but I soon realised that was too much and changed it to 200 meters fast walking and 100 meters jogging. Until about the third kilometer. At which point I walked fast for several laps before ending with a few jogging bits again as well. 

My time? 52.04. Slower. Then again, we did stop for 40 seconds (thank you Gizmo) to take some selfies. So basically my time? 51.24! Nearly half a minute faster. And I think I could have done a bit more if I had really pushed myself. 

There are five more weeks. I will try to do the laps every week from now on. Try and get that speed up a bit. Or jog a bit more. Either way, it will help get the time down!



  1. Hari OM
    Looks good to me. YAM xx

  2. Way to go Mara .... As long as it is getting easier. That's the main thing. AND you're enjoying it!! That's really important..