Tuesday, 26 July 2016

32 days to go

It was swim training today. As I said on Sunday, my usual partner in crime is on holiday, but Facebook is a brilliant thing. About a minute after I had put the question to the members of the triathlon club, the first answer was in. And before I knew it, about 6 people had said they would be there!

Talking to some of them, I realised that the lap we have to swim is not split in three equal parts of 125 meters, but it's a wonky triangle. The first stretch is about 175 meters probably and the remaining two are about 100 meters each. Which I noticed, because the first stretch is the hardest for me. I had to stop once halfway and once at the buoy to get my breath back. The remaining two stretches however, I was able to swim without stopping. Well, able, but not possible. My goggles kept slipping up and letting water in. Very annoying.

Anyway, after my first lap I took a little breather and then it was on to the second lap. Again, one stop on the way to the buoy and one smaller one there. Then a stop at buoy number two and on it was to the finish line. 

I did do the wonky today as well though. There is a family of swans living in the lake and they came quite close. I don't want to get to know an angry mum or dad, so I had to divert my course somewhat. Once the swans moved though, I set course once again for the finish line. 

I don't know how much time I needed. But, I think we were in the water by about 6.15pm and I was out again and drying myself off around 6.45pm. Not bad!!

Tomorrow will be a blueberry picking outing in the wherevers of Haugesund and then on Thursday I hope to get another jog in. Twelve and a half laps around the track. Time to beat: 51.24!


  1. Hari OM
    Ticking all the boxes Mara mate!!! YAM xx

  2. Wow .... sounds as if all is going to plan. I especially like the blueberry picking outing.

  3. So proud of your commitment and the way you continue to challenge yourself! Go, Mara!

  4. Ha! Geweldig om steeds die vooruitgang te zien...en dat gaat nog wel even door! Super!