Tuesday, 14 June 2016

74 days to go

Yes, it has been almost a week. A week in which not much has happened. Last Thursday the headache had come back, on Friday it was still lingering and during the weekend I unpacked box after box after box. So I did get a bit of training in. Ahem...

Last night however, it was back to training. Swimming training! And not just any swimming either: a huge bunch of people swimming. Like a pack of piranhas eating a zebra. I got my own personal co-swimmer though. Since I am not that strong yet. And half way through the first lap, I got a personal buoy as well, since I was doing pretty badly at that point. To hang on to just in case. 

But, eventually I did better than last week. I managed to get my whole head under water (instead of just my nose) and I noticed it immediately in my back and neck. Because my body was flatter in the water, the friction was less and I was able to swim a bit faster. Still nowhere near the speed everybody else has, but I can practice. 

Tomorrow will be another swim training, and possibly Thursday as well. The rest of the week I have to figure out for myself. Which I must admit I find quite hard. The telly is very tempting!! I am however already starting to see differences. Or rather feeling them. It's easier to stay in a higher gear. My clothes are a bit looser (even though not a single gram has been lost so far) and the only thing left to clear up now is the wheezing and whistling when I am short of breath. 


  1. Hari om
    Every stroke, a win! YAMxx (in Cincinnati now).

  2. Your clothes are looser!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay! Doesn't matter if no weight is lost. You've lost inches and that's even better. The weight loss will come later. AND you put your whole head in the water ... You're going soooooo well!!