Wednesday, 15 June 2016

73 days to go

Another swimming training tonight. It should have been a cycle training, but several of us felt a swimming training was more use at this point. After all, we all know how to cycle and can manage the 20k without too much trouble (I hope so anyway). 

On Monday I had been able to get my whole head under water, but I had to have one stroke above water before going under again. Today I tried to take a breath and go under again immediately. And even though I didn't manage it all the time, I managed it twice to three times in a row. Very very pleased with that. I will work on that a lot more.

Because I am the weakest of them all, I get shorter distances to swim, but it fits me fine. Exactly the right amount of swimming before I get fed up. I will however put the focus a bit on the swimming and try to get as much training in this summer. As well as walking and cycling of course. 

In fact, this morning I had the choice between car and cycle (I was quite late), but opted in the end for the bike. 

The rest of the week will be swimming (tomorrow at least), gym and on Saturday the friend who took today's photos is taking me to Olalia. A nature area not too far from here with some good walks on gravel roads. I am looking forward to that. And then perhaps on Sunday another swim. 

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  1. Crikey Mara ..... way to go ..... You're looking great!!!