Wednesday, 8 June 2016

80 days to go

Getting fit is healthy they said! It will give you much more energy they said. You will be able to do things you never could before they said. All true. But the cycling from Sunday caused my neck and shoulder muscles to tense up. The swimming on Monday caused those same muscles to tense up even more. And on Tuesday the tension released itself into my head. Giving me a headache. At least now I know what causes it. So I can change my cycling and swimming accordingly.

Talking of swimming. I was due to go for a swimming training yesterday, but when my colleague called and cancelled due to a faulty car, I wasn't too sad. The cycle training of today however I wasn't going to miss. A few extra hours of sleep in my split shift and I was (nearly) raring to go!

The plan was to go up that very steep incline once, so it wouldn't cause a resurgence of the headache and then take it to a slightly easier hill, but do some 'as fast as you can' training. The steep incline wasn't done with ease, but it was definitely easier than it had been the first time. I knew when to stop talking and start concentrating on my breathing and when I did get to the top, I wasn't nearly as beat as I was the first time around. 

The easier hill proved to be easier. I tried it once in gear 3-2, but I noticed it was too low a gear. I had to paddle like mad and felt I didn't get up that hill at all. So, the remaining two times I used gear 4-2 and that was much easier. After that we were finished and I cycled first to the office to pick up my things and then home. 

Tomorrow will be a gym work-out and Friday as well. I have had an offer from a colleague who will help me with my breathing while swimming and I think I will take her up on it. I can use every single bit of help I can get and I have noticed so many people rooting for me and wanting to help me, it is really heart warming. 


  1. Crikey Mara ..... you're doing great!! You'll be pleased to know I'm with you all the way. I've been doing more beach walking and cycling (exercise bike only) and I have lost a few kilos already. I'm over 70 so I really need to push myself too but with you inspiring me I'll keep it up. Even when the 80 days are up. You really seem to be enjoying the cycling bit. I dare say you'll be keeping that up after the triathlon.

  2. Hari OM
    Hooroo from the sidelines - my marathon of the week was getting to Illinois... and hardly a finger lifted by yours truly. You put me to shame my friend... YAM xx