Thursday, 23 June 2016

65 days to go

For the first time in nearly a month (gasp!), I went to the gym today. And immediately realised why I don't like it. It's a solo thing. Everybody is wearing head phones (I had forgotten mine), everybody is doing 'their' thing and there is hardly any communication. As opposed to the swimming, where there is always at least one other person. Or the walking/hiking. Perhaps the cycling not so much, but I don't mind cycling on my own. At least that way I keep up the pace.

Anyway, I did go to the gym today and I did actually do something as well. In the muggy heat I hasten to add. I cycled for 10 minutes, difficulty 3, going up to 4 several times. I walked for 10+3 minutes, with a maximum incline of 2,5 and a maximum speed of 5,6 km/hour. That speed was actually faster than I ever did before and yes, I did get tired, but no, not whistling my lungs out tired. And as a cool down I did some more cycling. Not that much, but still. 

Tomorrow I will go again and focus a bit more on the walking. Trying for 12+3 minutes and going a bit faster yet is the goal. 

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  1. You are doing so good to be able to do the walking at that rate! Doc wants me to bike instead of treadmill or elliptical step machine. I did 7 resistance on the bike for a short period last night and the replaced knee leg was really complaining today. So must stay at lower resistance a while longer. You are an inspiration!