Wednesday, 22 June 2016

66 days to go

Another swim training today. I swam 4 times 50 meters. The first two times were good, the second two times were a bit less. Not that the swimming was bad, but I got tired towards the end of the 50 meters. Next time I swim there, I want to do at least 5 times 50 meters. Tired or not. I have to get to 750 in the end and that is 15 times 50 meters!!

In other news, tomorrow I will have to go to the gym again. I haven't been in ages, mainly because I am going on my own and I find it incredibly hard. But, I will have to do it to get my walking speed up and my general cycling distance as well. The same for Friday and possibly Saturday (although I have to work and I don't know until what time the gym is open then). 

But, on the plus, more and more people say I have lost weight. I haven't, well, not that much anyway, but my face is tanned, which always gives the illusion and apparently I move better or more fluidly or something. Now let's see if that gym membership could actually make me loose a few ounces as well...

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  1. You are probably losing inches as you are building muscle which weighs more than the flab. And the muscles take up less room.