Sunday, 26 June 2016

62 days to go

We thought it would be a good idea. Do a little cycling and training. She because she has recently been ill and needs to get trained up again, me because I thought it would be a good idea to join a triathlon. Ten thirty on Sunday morning sounded good. A little lie-in, a little breakfast and then: out to cycle!

When I woke up though, I could hear the rain coming down. Drip drip drip. And I thought about cancelling. But I didn't. And at 10.30 we both got on our bikes, geared up to the max with rain gear. My gear didn't hold out quite so good. Mind you, a car and a big puddle (read absomungohuge puddle) meant I got soaked. It was funny though.

We got to the incline that wasn't that steep, but long. And while I cycled up it twice in lowest gear, but without stopping, she cycled up partway and walked the rest. We had a little rest in the bus stop and then we continued. Basically it was the same route as last time, but at a much slower pace. But it was good.

On getting home, the only thing I wanted was to get dry. There was a swimming pool in my shoes, I was getting a bit cold and even though I could have cycled more yet, I felt it should be enough. So, a hot shower and then dry clothes. Bliss!

It may have been weather for ducks today, but we managed to do our bit!

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  1. Full marks for effort .... I won't even go out to pee if it's raining. Mum reckons she has a mental picture of you on your bicycle when the car splashed you from the absomungohuge puddle.