Saturday, 2 July 2016

56 days to go

After a week without any training at all, due to a massive headache caused by the cycling from last Sunday, I was back in action again today. Although it wasn't a normal work-out. I just carried tables and chairs and put some of them up. Because... it's Iron Man weekend.

No, I have not gone mad and signed up for the Iron Man. 1900 meters swimming, 90 kilometers cycling and then running a half marathon is not something I am quite up to yet. I did sign up to be a volunteer though and I was assigned to be at the finish line. Together with other people I will hand out those special heat blankets, t-shirts, medals, water, cola and hand them back their own personal belongings. 

Today was part of the set-up and I carried a fair amount of chairs and tables to where they should be, or at least to get them away from where they shouldn't be. I got a lot walking back and forth and a lot of weight lifting for my arms done. Not all bad! Tomorrow I will be on my feet from 8am to around 6pm I think. 

Training is due to start again properly next week. At least the walking and the cycling. In fact, I was due to have a walking training the day before yesterday, but the fysio had to cancel and move it to yesterday. And then for some reason we never saw each other, so she went on a walk by herself, while I went home (it was pouring and I was in pain). The ears are getting better, at least the painful shoots through my skull are no more, but I will need to be careful. 


  1. Hari OM
    Sorry there is still discomfort - but golly I admire your determination Mara! Helping out at similar events to the one you are aiming for is a great idea, not just for the exercise as the side benefit, but to see first hand its effects and what all the variety of styles and such there are for getting through it. YAM xx

  2. That is a lot of work and lifting! Hate earaches almost as much a migraines. Been down a couple of days with one myself. Finally easing up this evening. Take care!