Monday, 23 May 2016

96 days to go

Weight: 101.6 kilograms (BMI: 36.4, extremely obese)

Cycling: to and from work (2,5km each way)

Exercise bike: 10 minutes, (1,5 minutes at 2; 1,5 minutes at 3) repeated 3 times, last minute at 2
Skiing: 500 meters in 3m47s
Treadmill: 10 minutes + 3 cool down. Total 810 meters, max incline 2,5; max speed 5km/h
Rowing: 500 meters in 2m59s
Exercise bike: 10 minutes (1 minute at 2, 1 minute at 3) repeated 4 times, last 2 minutes at 2


  1. I t you have achievable goals, Mara. I am excited for you.

  2. Crikey ..... Mum's going to do some work on the treadmill and exercise bike right now. You're inspiring her Mara.

  3. Hari OM
    Am shouting from the sidelines pal! ... could you put a membership linky in here so that it comes up in my reader for each post? (Else I might forget to come and cheer ya on!!!) YAM xx