Sunday, 21 August 2016

6 days to go

Last weekend's stick between the spokes (ie me being sick) meant that in the end I have hardly trained for the past two weeks. It needed to change and fast, since it is only a week until the actual triathlon. So, I had big plans for yesterday and then found several excuses to not do anything. This morning however...

I woke up early and put on my cycle gear. I was out the door by 8.15am and began my twenty kilometers. Not my usual four laps, but a different route, combining my first cycle trips with the lap and then back home. I was back after just over 20 kilometers. I was quite tired, because it had after all been two weeks. But I wasn't done yet...

On the bed was my running gear. My knee bands, my shorts and shirt. Off with the cycle stuff and on with the running stuff. A little adjustment to Gizmo, on with the headphones and I was out the door again. Off for my five kilometer walking/running training. I walked, I ran, I walked some more, I ran. I admit, it was mostly walking fast and not so much running, but I did manage to come in in 51.29, just 5 seconds slower than my best time, which had been on a track and had no ups and downs at all. 

So, I have done the cycling and running in one go. I was really tired when I finished, but I did it in a time I was happy with. And next week it will be the whole thing!


  1. Hari OM
    Brava!!! doing the change-around was a good plan as it gets you closer to what it will be... golly, it's come round quick! All the best for the final week of training. YAM xx

  2. Great!!! That is really something for you to accomplish after the challenges of the last two weeks. On this side of the pond, I have been attempting to get my daily steps to average around 5500 to 6000. I am riding the stationary bike to get about half of these in most days. That has made for a sore bum! Best of luck this week and in the triathlon!

    1. Mara's spurred me on to get a bit fitter too. I sympathise with the sore bum! Crikey those bicycle seats are uncomfortable, aye??? I've also got a sore bum!

  3. CRIKEY Mara ... Six days to go??? Oh my ... What a shame you got sick in the final stages but I know you will give it your best shot and I also know that you will continue with your new healthier lifestyle after next week. Good luck and know we will be here cheering you on. I'm so excited for you. Charlie's Mum, Lynn.