Wednesday, 6 July 2016

52 days to go

Good weather today meant that I was quite willing to go cycling again. With the same friend again as well and guess what: the same route! 

I only did the not that steep but very long ascent once, but I noticed it was easier to cycle up already. It took a lot longer before I needed to go down into the very first gear. Pleased with that. I have noticed it all becoming a lot easier, but seeing it like that is definite proof.

Talking about proof, the other day a colleague said I looked different. Not only that, I moved differently. More fluid, more upright, more proud in a way. And even if I do notice changes when training, those type of changes are harder to see in myself. 

As for support: can't complain of that either. My colleagues are really supportive, some of them in a more hands-on fashion. Walking with me, cycling with me, swimming with me. Other colleagues want updates on my training, how I am feeling, how I am doing. And what with the boost I got on Sunday (seeing all those Iron Man athletes come in), I think I am doing okay!

Tomorrow there is swimming on the schedule. In the rain...


  1. Hari OM
    you ARE doing okay Mara... more than okay! Swimming back on? Ear better then? ... and since when did rain affect swimming??? YAM xx

  2. Mara, you are doing great. Go Mara, go Mara!