Sunday, 5 June 2016

83 days to go

After a week of very little training, I was back in full swing today. But with the beautiful sunny weather we're having right now, I felt it would be a waste of time and sunshine to go to the gym. 

I had planned to go out around 8am, but in the end it was closer to 11am before I made my way down to the basement to get my bike. I knew exactly where I was going: up a steep hill. Back down and back up and back down... you get the drift. However, once I had made my way to said hill and started cycling up this not so steep, but very long ascent, I decided to keep going. Which I did. 

I stopped for a while to talk to a colleague and then I continued. Down and up and down and up. It went like a dream. Yes, some bits were hard and I needed to get down into the lowest of my 24 gears (1-1), but most of the time I was up in about 4-2 or even 6-2. Once, as I was cycling up a small incline, I looked down at my gears and saw I was in 5-2! Only two weeks in and I am up to this!!

In total it was 12,5 km of changing terrain. The sun was shining. I was wearing helmet and sunglasses and even though I was quite done in when I got back, I think I could have managed a bit more! Amazing what only two weeks of 'training' will do...


  1. Hari om
    Well that is impressive!!! Thank you for putting the member gadget on :-) YAM xx

  2. Wow Mara ...... well done!! Oh ..... good .... now we can follow you too.

    1. I was pretty pleased with it as well. And today there will be a wet training!