Monday, 30 May 2016

89 days to go

No cycling to work and back today.

We were due to have a swimming training tonight, but the swimming pool is still closed on account of a ceiling falling down a few weeks ago. Then we were to have another swimming training, this time outside, but that was cancelled as well due to expected thunderstorms. 

So, in the end I went to the gym and had me a work-out. 

Exercise bike: 10 minutes, first and last minute at level 2, the rest at level 3. Very pleased with that.
Skiing: 500 meters in 3m53s
Treadmill: broke it off after about 3,5 minutes. I have had some problems with my knee and it gets worse when walking, especially at some kind of speed.
Rowing machine: couldn't find it!
Stairmachine: 10 minutes, 1020 meters
Exercise bike (a different one): 10 minutes + 3 minutes cool down. Up to level 7, with relative ease. 

Tomorrow I have to travel to Oslo, but if I make it back in time (ie, if I catch my flight back), I will have another go at the gym. 

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